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​Recognized as a premier, full service, off-premise caterer for more than 30 years, CA Catering was founded in September of 1989. With a vision staked in providing the finest food matched with impeccable service,  CA Catering established itself as a distinctive catering service in the South Florida Community. The key to our success has largely been due to our ability to listen to our clients' needs and offer them a wide array of options. We strive to earn our clients' respect and build customer loyalty. There are no retakes in our business.  We have one shot at making an event a success, and we stake our reputation on planning every detail to ensure that trust.


Our team of talented chefs have 47 years combined experience with first class hotels, exclusive country clubs and cooking for high profile celebrities, star athletes and public figures.  The Executive Chef's insistence on fresh, quality foods, and exceptional presentation is an extremely visible presence at events.


We invite you to tour our facilities in Hollywood and explore the varieties of menus and venues we have to offer. We have built a state of the art commissary and offer complete event coordination.  We assist with special requests of additional services - saving our clients time and money. We contract with only top professionals in entertainment, specialty linen, florist, and decor services. We work closely with vendors chosen directly by clients to help ensure the success of your event.  Our assurance to you is that if you choose CA Catering, your event will be created to your specifications, professionally and reliably, guaranteeing outstanding results.

C.A. Messana continues to manage and personally oversee the operations of the company.  Marta's genuine enthusiasm, high standards of style, and hands-on approach to event planning make her a priceless resource for our clients. Their unique and impressive style, attention to detail, and complete client services sets CA Catering apart from other caterers.  We make each event a special one, understanding that to our clients, their celebration, no matter the size, is of the utmost importance.  Marta's extensive experience in running hundreds of events has led to an eight-year tenure as part-time instructor of the Broward County Education system, teaching a workshop style seminar on "Successful Wedding Planning".

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Karen E, Boca Raton, FL


This was our first time using CA Catering. Part of my job is to organize our company End of the Year celebration for about 500 people, and I stumbled upon CA during my research. By the end of the event, CA made me look like a superstar to my boss and all of my colleagues. He was a wonderful resource in choosing the right venue, the tastiest foods, fun music from the DJ, and the perfect decorations.


I have never received the positive feedback from an event that we received from everyone - from top management to hourly employees. Everyone LOVED the party and raved about every aspect. Even employees that didn't come to the party were emailing and stopping by my office to say they heard they missed quite the event, and wouldn't miss the next one.


During the planning, CA and Marta were always quick to respond to my calls and emails. They are both friendly and personable, and made me feel at ease. They both went out of their way to make sure the planning - and through the event - went smoothly and that we were happy. At the last minute, my boss asked if we could extend the party later because everyone was having so much fun, and CA made it happen without a hitch. I will definitely use CA Catering in the future and suggest others check them out, too. Simply amazing job! Thanks to CA, Marta and his wonderful staff.

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