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In the beginning...

Our story begins with two people who love a beautiful memory. When you look up the word “grassroots” in the dictionary, you’ll probably see a photo of CA and Marta Messana next to the definition. These two have come a very long way in their over 25 years of being in business, from renting out a kitchen in a tennis club, to answering phone calls while handling two growing babies, to purchasing their very own office and warehouse space, and building an impeccable reputation with the tri-county, South Florida area.

Before we can really begin blogging about recipes and the challenges we face at every event, as well as tips and tricks for throwing your own special one, you needed to know about the people behind it.

In my short time here with CA Catering, I have learned more than at any other hospitality job I’ve ever had. I know that bringing extra equipment and linens means NOT having to drive back to pick up whatever was left behind. I know that the first conversation over the phone makes all the difference to the potential client. And I know that having 10 loading lists may seem redundant, but it makes us better because we are on top of our game ALL THE TIME.

We’re stepping up in the social media world. And we’re very excited about it!

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