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Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Personalize Your Next Event!

We all know that favors are a wonderful way of not only showing your friends and family how much you appreciate their presence on your special day, but also a fun way for them to see those trinkets and remember the event itself.

We've done some digging, and here are some inexpensive alternatives to the typical favor that your guests may never use or see again.



They can be used as a backup pair later on, come in a variety of colors, and you can get them at around 40 cents a pair if you buy in bulk.



These are especially great if you have a candy station! Get them all the same and personalize them, or go thrifting and buy them all different for an eclectic take. Personalizing them will set you back about 2.50 a piece (mug included), and I've seen mugs at thrift stores for as little as .50 cents!

Cocktail napkins:


I recently mentioned to a friend that it would be fun to have these at my wedding, and she says that she kept the cocktail napkin from her cousin's wedding a year ago. I love these because they're a nice touch, if you run out you can always switch to regular napkins, and if you buy too many, you can always use them at home later on. These will set you back about $20 for a pack of 100. Worth it!

Bottle Openers:

bottle opener.jpg

These are great because they make great placecards, people can put them on their key rings, and definitely use them later on. Also, attaching a piece of paper with a fun saying like, "the key to our hearts is our friends and family" or something equally corny will make your guests say "Awww".

Lottery Tickets:

lotto tickets.jpg

You'd be surprised as to how much people love these, even if they don't win. It's a cute alternative to typical favors, and if a guest gets $5 out of it, the next round is on them!



Even if your guests believe they can't keep ANYTHING alive, these beautiful little plants are a great way to add color to your reception, and surprisingly (sarcasm), succulents and cacti don't need very much attention. These will set you back about $1.50 a piece when you buy in bulk. Maybe attach a little note that will remind your guests to water once a week?

Hot Cocoa Kit:

hot cocoa.jpg

It's the perfect DIY for a holiday or winter event! The jars will cost about $1 each, but if you go to Costco for the other items, you'll save a whole lot more than going to the local grocer. All you need is cocoa powder, little marshmallows, peppermint pieces coarsely chopped, and mini kisses.

Mini Bottles:


You know your crowd better than anyone. Little bottles of liquor or champagne are a great favor to give your guests, either as a placecard holder, or a parting gift. Be sure to check with your venue before doing this, however, because many places have rules against shots during the event, and because your guests will have access to these little bottles, you may get a hefty fine for breaking the rules.

Strawberry Lemonade Mixers:


If you mix it, they will come! Being in the Sunshine State, Floridians are always in need of refreshing. This is great for out of town guests who want to take home a piece of Florida. In mason jars or bottles with a cork top, place Country Time Strawberry Lemonade powder, and attach a paper lemon wedge with a note on the back, along with the recipe. Your guests will love the DIY element, and each large tub of powder is around $8-10.

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