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Cheeseburger in PAIRadise!

We all know that wine and cheese with fruit has been the classic pairing choice for years, but today, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of the many pairings we offer and guests have come to love:

This mini slider and beer shooter flight is a favorite for themed events, especially the Superbowl! With so many slider options on our menu, there's a pairing for everyone!

Serving mini wedges of grilled cheese with chef's delicious tomato bisque is always a hit!

What's better than bite-sized tacos? Bite-sized tacos paired with margarita shooters, that's what! These Ropa-Vieja style tacos topped with an Avocado Aioli and served with Patron margs make for a very interesting cocktail hour!

This last one isn't necessarily a pairing, per se, but the world of Bloody Mary's has taken off in a huge way! Brunches have a whole new meaning, with Bloody Mary shooters complete with bacon, prosciutto, pickles, pepperoncinis, and the list goes on, not to mention the taste is out of this world!

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