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Cilantro Lime Aioli Today, Gone Tomorrow :)

I made this last night and added too much lime at first, so I had to double the recipe. And yes we ate it all. Here is the perfect recipe:

Cilantro Lime Aioli

¾ Cup Cilantro

¼ Cup Diced Red Onions

¾ Cup Mayonnaise

½ Cup Sour Cream (can be low fat but not fat free)

½ a Lime, juice and zest

½ Tsp Cayenne Pepper

½ Tsp Salt, to taste

In a pan, sauté the red onions with either olive oil or butter (I prefer the butter to bring out a sweeter taste)

Finely chop the cilantro (I like leaving a couple of whole leaves so you can see it in the final product)

Mix mayonnaise and sour cream with dry ingredients.

Add the cilantro and the sautéed red onions.

Follow up by squeezing the half lime into it, and fold until creamy and even.

Taste, then add zest as desired. Adding too much can be a bit too acidic for some.

Fold again, top with cilantro leaves, and voila!!

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